October 10, 2019
Day 365

Here I am, 365 days after I passed my door to leave on this trip. 12 months that I have been travelling in this world by hitchhiking.

Now is the time of recap of this year.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. In this year, I have traveled more than 30.000 km in 14 countries. For this, I have taken more than 650 vehicles and met so many different and interesting personalities.

I will remember so many memories of this year and it also gave me so many experiences.

  • I learned how to sail and also crossed the Atlantic ocean
  • I worked on a private yacht
  • I met other boat hitchhikers and we created a wild camp
  • I hitchhiked a horse, a ambulance boat, a fireman car and a hearse
  • I spent Christmas in the streets of Haiti
  • I climbed mountains and glaciers to 5,500 meters
  • I swam with sea turtles in the Caribbean
  • I volunteered in a few hostels and a restaurant
  • And so more…


I traveled by really not spending a lot. Compare to everybody I met, it is quite ridiculous. Hitchhiking and camping helped me to save quite a lot.

I spent 4,800€, which is 400€/month. I spent half of this budget during the first 4 months. I was first in Europe and then in the expensive part of the Caribbean. And I then learned how to actually save money and started paying more attention.

I financed 1/4 of it (1200€) by working during the trip (mostly on the private yacht).

Otherwise, from what I spent in total:

  • 36% is food
  • 20% is transportation (most of it takes place with some expensive boat at the beginning and the few planes I took)
  • 17% is partying
  • 13% is general equipment
  • 8% is accomodations

The initial gear I had to buy are not included in this, neither is the insurance cost.

How am I doing ?

This year was rich in emotion. A lot of good moments, and also some more sad parts.

I am overall very happy and still excited to continue to travel.

The good moment are the discoveries: Meeting new and interesting people, seeing beautiful landscape, trying something new, …

The bad moment are the nostalgia. I miss home, my family, my friends, … I try to call them quite often, because they are also the one that bring me some news, some joy and they give me some strength to carry on.

However, I feel that the fact to travel alone made me… Lonely. I meet a lot of person, but strangely, only a few people travel as I do. And to be honest, I am tired of meeting these “false” backpackers. And meeting people that fits me is not that commun

I feel that I sometimes lack some energy to say the same story over and over. That also the reality of travelling alone.

For this reason, I was trying to look for other travelers that correspond me more, and to spend more time with them.

In the next few weeks, there will be a big change in my travel. I will not travel alone anymore but with somebody I know from France. I hope this will give me more “energy” and some renewal.

I will obviously post more info on that later.

What’s next ?

At first, I thought I was gonna travel for a year. It has been a year and I realized this was not enough time.

The path my trip took was so different from what I expected. But this is what is beautiful in life. Going for the unexpected opens you so many doors and opportunities.

I am happy of the ecological aspect my trip took. I did took a few planes at the beginning for various reasons. I completely assume it. However, I am not proud of it and decided to not taking anymore of them.

It became so important to me to try my best to be more responsible and to reduce my carbon footprint. In that case, even though I would love to come back for Christmas, I will not fly.

What about the Pacific ocean ?

I first wanted to make a world tour, meaning crossing from one way or another the pacific ocean. After a long time thinking about what to do, I gave up on the idea, for different reasons.

It would take a LOT of time, and I am not ready to spend more than 10 months on a boat (yes, the pacific is very big).

So I thought a lot about what my other options are. I contacted people to know the boat routes, the season, etc…

Without being a sure plan, I found a solution. So here is my plan for the rest of my travel.

My new plan

I will travel in South America to Uruguay in around February-March (so around 5 more months here). There, the season to cross the Atlantic begins. So I will look for a boat to cross the other way to South Africa (~April-May).

In South Africa, I will go up the east coast (by boat or by road) to approximately the Middle East (~June-July) where will be my big decision.

If I am tired and I want to go home, I will go back to France. If I am an still thirsty of adventure, I will make my way to India and South-East Asia.

And from there, I will definitely go home by central Asia or Russia.

So, when will I come home ?

The one year limit I was thinking at first was too short. But it is a nice thing that I didn’t fixed a deadline. Because, travelling as I do, the open-end IS the most important. It gives me the opportunity to take my time, something we forgot to do nowadays.

However, knowing where I will go and how long it takes, I will try to be home by December 2020.

I have more and more thinking about what I want to do in a longer time period: what will I do when I will be home for example. Well, this adventure teach me a lot about myself, about what I want to do and especially about what I don’t want to do.

These ideas and these questions keep going though my mind everyday. But ultimately, I know that I will want to be home to start my “normal” life.

A last word

I am so grateful to this beautiful world that continue to surprise me everyday. There is so many things to see, and even though I know I cannot see it all, I will continue my life seeking new adventures.

I am also grateful to everyone that share a bit of my journey. You may know it or not, but every person I met changed me. I am also traveling to meet good persons, so thank you to take part in this my adventure I call life.

Dont be afraid to trust and don’t be afraid to take risks. Taking risks is what gives life some meaning.

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  1. Plein d’émotions différentes en lisant ton article, ça résonne beaucoup avec notre super discussion de l’autre fois. Tellement heureuse pour toi de tout ce que tu vis, ce que tu oses et entreprends. Et je vis un peu par procuration ce superbe voyage. Super heureuse aussi de voir que tu n’hésites pas à remettre en question les projections pour adapter ton voyage à tes envies et que tu t’écoutes vraiment. Bravo déjà pour cette année d’aventure, continue bien comme ça et j’espère avoie la joie/chance de pouvoir de rejoindre pour une parenthèse de 2 semaines avant ton départ d’Amérique du Sud 🙂 🙂 🙂 Bisous cher cousin !

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