October 28 – November 8, 2018
Day 19 -Day 30

On the Falkor, Michal and myself have been sailing from Lanzarote (in the Canaries), to Cap Verde. We did a short stop in El Hierro (another island from the Canaries) to fix some problems we had with the autopilot.

This time, it was around 10 days on the sea. It was much more different than the last time on the catamaran. First of all: the space. I only have a small bed, between two walls. This prevent me from falling, it’s really useful.
Then, the boat move much much more. It’s harder to cook, to eat, to go to the toilet, … Everything is different. It’s like I’m a new born and I need to learn everything again. Even going into my bed is something I had to deal with.

The route is long.. very long.. and there is nothing to do really. There is much less boat on the sea. So, once the sails are settled, the only thing we have to do is… wait. And there is much less space to move on the boat. So it feels kind of boring in a way.

Hopefully, Michal has many audiobook. This was a great help to kill the time. Eventually, I kind of liked being there, appart from everything. When I’m gonna cross the Atlantic, it’s gonna be at least twice as long. I hope I will feel the same way.

220 hours of sailing later, and we can see the coast of São Vicente, in Cap Verde. It’s a relief to be able to go on the land again, to walk, to use my legs !! But for a short time.

Since the trip was nice together, and that I didn’t cause too much trouble, Michal agreed to take me on board for the final step: the crossing of the Atlantic. This time, it will be around 3 weeks sailing!
We don’t have time to rest. We need to do some repairing, some cleaning, to get some supplies, …

After a short 2 days stop, we take the direction of the sea again.
Bye ! We will see on the other side 😉

2 Replies to “A short stop in Cap Verde”

  1. Salut François, ça fait plaisir de lire tes articles. Intéressantes toutes ces expériences nouvelles de navigation ! J’ai du mal à imaginer rester 3 semaines dans un petit bateau, tu es bien courageux. Ça m’étonne que tu fasses pas des petites sessions jeux sur le bateau avec Michal ahah 😉 profite bien et hésite pas à mettre des photos, c’est cool de voir ce que tu vis ! Gros bisous

  2. Tu deviens un vrai marin Je penserai beaucoup a toi pendant cette traversee en esperant que les vents vous soient favorables Gros bisous

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