February 16 – 18, 2020
Day 495 – 497

After Santiago, Valparaiso anf Pucón in Chile, we came back in Argentina (not the last time) to continue our zigzag to visit Patagonia.

The next place we wanted to see was the lake region. This place starts more or less at the village of Martin de los Andes. From there is the Ruta de los 7 lagos: The 7 lakes road.

We go a big part of it hitchhiking. You pass accross beautiful lakes, hidden in dense forest. All this surrounded by mountain, which some have some snow at the top. We are now in summer but we heard the landscape in winter is totally different, with more snow for sure.

This road is very touristy and taken by many people in campers or in bike. For us, we did a mix of hitchhiking, and we stopped when we wanted to spend more time at some viewpoints for example. Hitchhiking works very nicely, and many people are hitchhiking as well.

For example, we did a short hike to sleep for one night near a remotes lake. It is peaceful to spend some time there.

The 7 lakes road is probably one of the most known in argentina.

South of the road, when you exit it are two cities: Bariloche and El Bolsón. These two cities, technically still in the lakes region, are two famous cities to go hiking.

So after the ruta de los 7 lagos, still hitchhiking, we decided to go to El Bolsón to go For some hiking.

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