February 19 – 20, 2020
Day 498 – 499

El Bolsón is considered between travelers to be a hippy town. We arrived there and stay in town in a camping.

We started a hike in El Bolsón. To start, we chose the main one called the Cajon Azul. It is a nice and not too hard day-hike. It goes accross pine forest, along beautiful river of incredible blue.

In my mind, it really look like landscape of Canada and Alaska (even though I have never been there). The end of the hike is at the Cajon Azul: a huge canyon made by the water. It is hard to truly see the canyon on the picture but the overall place is beautiful.

We were supposed to stay stay longer in El Bolsón to do More hikes. But to be honest, the main hike we did was not very incredible. It was nice indeed, but it is landscapes you can see in France or somewhere else.

Since we prefer to see some stuff more unique, we decide to go faster, skip some hike here to have more time to see do more hikes in the south, where the landscape are very different

So we decided to hitchhike out of the town. for the first time, we faced the problem of “too many hitchhikers”. We were around 10-15 hitchhikers that wanted to go out of town. So in that case, you respect the “hitchhikers rules”. You wait for your turn.

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