January 22 – 25, 2020
Day 470 – 473

After these last days of astonishing landscape, it is time for me to leave Bolivia for another country. Welcome in Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷

One thing strikes me strait away: There are other hitchhikers !! 👍👍
During the 9 months I have been travelling in South America so far (Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia), I have never met another person hitchhiking on the road. On my first day here in Argentina, I saw at least 15 of them !!! Imagine my surprise then. It is really in the culture here, and it works pretty well.

But then it is a totally different way of doing it:
Before, I was an outsider doing something very strange that only a few understand. Here in Argentina, I am one amongst the many hitchhikers that raise their thumbs on the road. Both have their pros and cons.

I will hitchhike the North of Argentina very quickly, without really stopping. Just passing by. I do this without Mathilde. We split travelling together for a few weeks. The reason ? I want to hike a mountain, a bit more in the South, but Mathilde didnt wanted to. So we will split, just the time that I climb the mountain. During this time, she will go more slowly and visit the North of Argentina.

I hitchhike to the south, passing on the known ruta 40: the road that brings you from Bolivia all the way to Ushuaia (More than 5000km). It is the longest road in Argentina.

On the way south, the road go through beautiful landscape accross one of the driest part of south America.

This picture was me being taken by a van of a Belgium couple and spending the night with them near a lake.

The next day, we took 2 other hitchhikers on the way 😂

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