February 1 – 6, 2020
Day 480 – 485

After summiting the Ojos del Salado, it is then time to go down. I succeed to hitchhike down by going with Martin, the Argentinian which I met while climbing the mountain.

He will take me all the way to the nearest town. There we will rest and enjoy a good beer. We deserve it.

He takes me pretty far away in his car. I will then continue alone to hitchhike in the direction of Mendoza, more south. There, I will reunite with Mathilde.


Coming back to Mendoza is nice. It is warm and the food is good. That’s a good thing about Argentina: the food is quite similar to food in France. After a few months in Peru and Bolivia, it is good to finally be able to find familiar food.

We stay in Mendoza for a few days, time for me to rest as well.

Mendoza is also a nice place to have wine ! We found some cheap and good wine. During our time here, we also go for the visit of winery.

And after resting and eating, we go back on the road to continue travelling.

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