April 3 – 5, 2020
Day 543 – 54

I took the decision to go home. Unfortunately, it has to be by plane. I dont have the luxury to be able to choose.

We head to Buenos Aires where we go directly to the airport. We actually had to rent a car as there was absolutely no other way to reach Buenos Aires. We rented it with Mathilde and I and 2 other french persons stuck in Mar del Plata.

On the way, we could see there was lots of controls everytime you would enter a city or change from a state to another. This comforted me about my choice : Travelling is no longer an option.

At the airport, nobody jokes about the coronavirus. In Argentina, they take the sanitary measure very firmly (good news actually).

The plane we will take is a “humanitary plane” which means it was put in place by the french embassy, for the french people stuck in argentina. The plane (+400 sits) was full.

In the airport, they was only 2 other flight, also from other european countries. The airport was filled by mainly backpackers. It was an interesting atmosphere, especially with all the hammock hanged on the side of the airport.

And here I go, on the plane. Direction : Paris.

And here I am, back in Douai after 1 and a half year, with probably many memories and many stories to tell.

This trip would have last 544 days.

It would be impossible to recap this trip in a few words or even in a few sentences. But I will try to publish some other posts on this blog to recap some aspects of my trip. So stay connected !

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