April 17 – April 26, 2019
Day 190 – 199

To reach Aruba from Grenada, we have 4 days of sailing. The crew is composed of Frank, the captain from Ireland, Enrique, first mate from Venezuela, Sally, hitchhiker from Scotland, Lisa, which I have been travelling with for 2 month already and me.

From different places, it is an interesting journey to exchange about our habits or cultures. These 4 days sailing was really a nice trip, with a visit from birds and whales

We actually arrive in Aruba, just in time for my birthday, which we celebrate well on the island.

This island is really different from what I saw before. I would it the Last Vegas or the Carribean: Hotel, Casino, Swimming pool everywhere. And nothing else than just tourism.

It is not a place I am used to enjoy on my own. But we need to make some repair on the boat before actually sailing. So we end up staying there a small week.

They have paradise beaches and island. Staying there, we also access all the hotel facilities.

Appart from the touristic town and luxurious hotels, a big part of the island is just desert. Nothing else than cactus, sand and some rocks.

Once the engine is ready, we leave to sail to Colombia. My journey in the Carribean has come to an end. 5 months staying in the Carribean. From Cuba to Grenada.

I will finally reach a destination I was dreaming of for a long time: South America.

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