December 17 – December 19, 2019
Day 434 – 43

Here we are in Bolivia and around the Titicaca Lake. In this side of the lake, there is the city of Copacabana.

So far, there is no much difference between here and Peru. We were even told that around the Titicaca lake, people are quite the same. So we will discover bolivia and bolivian people more after leaving the lake.

From Copacabana, you can climb to the nearby hill to enjoy a beautiful view over the Titicaca lake. From this side, you cannot see the other side of the lake. It looks like you are looking at the ocean.

We go to do a hike to the end of a peninsula nearby that will take us as close as possible to the Isla del Sol (the main touristic spot here in Copacabana). We have read that it is possible to cross to the island by sailing boat there.

So we start a 15km hike (one way). We start this hike along the lake, passing next to the floating island – a very touristic place where you can go to eat an expensive lunch on the lake.

Later on, the trail pass on a pre-colombian trail through the hills of the peninsula. We take a bit of elevation, just enough to let us see the Isla de la Luna – the island of the moon – from upper.

And at the end of the peninsula, we see the Isla del Sol, next to the small village of Yampupata. Nice view, but no sailing boat…

So we decide not to go to this island, as it would be quite expensive and maybe not worth it. We had a great day with a beautiful view. What will the isla del sol bring more to this beautiful trek ?

So we just decide to go back, as the trail leads us the other way along the coast.

Back to Copacabana, we sleep there and leave the next day. We start our first hitchhiking in Bolivia.

And not too hardly, we got a ride… in the back of a truck. Fancy ! First time for me, and for Mathilde as well. Only bad point: No window. So it will be next time that we will see the landscape of Bolivia.

But at least, we made it to La Paz.

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