January 15 – 17, 2020
Day 463 – 465

Again, the road hitchhiking from Sucre to Uyuni was mainly made with trucks. It seems that here in Bolivia, trucks are easy to hitch a lift with.

Once in Uyuni, We could see many many agencies proposing the same kind of tours. And obviously there is the one that brings you to the famous Salar de Uyuni.

But by looking online, we found there is a local way to visit the Salar independently.

In Uyuni, We took a local bus going to the city of Llica. It is a small village located at the other end of the salar. To go there, the bus have to cross the entiere salar from East to West. It is a 5 hours drive.

Now is summer in Bolivia. Which means to also be rainy season. It rains a lot on the Salar which create a huge lake on the Salar. In some places, you can have 80cm of water. So the Salar is flooded, and that makes it a huge miror. The sky is completely reflected on the floor.

Without the clouds or the mountain in the back, it would be impossible to distinguish the horizon from the floor.

In the middle of the Salar, the bus stop at the Isla Incahuasi: The island of the cactus. It is not an island properly speaking, but it really look like one in the middle of the sea.

It is possible to ask the bus to stop, sleep there and ask him to take you back the following day, but we choose not to for timing reasons.


We arrive on the other side of the Salar in the small village of Llica. Over there, we heard there is one nice hike to do: the hike to the Crater de Ulo. It is a 30km hike both way into the pampa, around the mountain and the cactus.

The goal of this hike ? See the crater de Ulo, a crater in which there is a small Salar at the center. Interesting to see this here.

Going back to the town of Uyuni, the bus leave the village before Dawn. So what we got to see: the sunrise on the Salar. Not too bad a ride no ?

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