January 11 – 14, 2020
Day 459 – 462

After our three weeks volunteering in La Paz, we start being on the road again.

We also start for the first time hitchhiking here in Bolivia for long distances. And we are happily surprised ! We waited at the outside of La Paz for about 1h30 before finding a truck driving is directly to… Sucre, where we wanted ! 12hours drive with our driver and here we are in Sucre.

This colonial city is protected as a UNESCO world heritage site. And you can feel it in the architecture of the city. Very colonial, and very beautiful.

This was also the former capital of the country. Today, everything was moved to La Paz (much bigger city than Sucre). But this city still stay the historical capital.

I honestly didn’t do much here except wandering around the streets. There are also some nice museum to visit. I am not a museum guy, but it was interesting to go inside the buildings and see architecture from inside.

With Mathilde, We spend 3 days here in Sucre before leaving (hitchhiking of course). We will head for the most touristic and the most known part of Bolivia: Uyuni and its Salar.

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