January 15 – January 24, 2019
Day 98 -Day 107

The next morning, we got to the BVI (british virgin islands), which was a bit more difficult. We had to deal through immigration, which give a lot of troubles here. They kept my passeport for 2 days and I had to fight in order to get it back, showing flight ticket, accomodation reservation, …

But in the end, I was there in Tortola, finally! I say good bye to Scott, Logan and to the Plan B. Here comes again my roaming adventure.
As always, I go from a marina to another to ask for a boat which is going in my direction. Again, that’s not an easy job because I am going against the wind. Not many boats are going but I keep faith!

After the hurricane here 1 years and a half ago, you can still see a lot of damages to building or boats. I met Blade, a guy that was repairing boats in a marina. He offered me the accomodation in one of his boat, because nobody was using it.

I also found a great opportunity: after asking a yacht for a ride, the first mate told me there were looking for day workers. Easy job such as polishing. I was hesitating, but after my marina tour, I still didn’t have any boat. Since that I have to wait here to find a ride and that life is expensive here (3-4x the France prices), I was in for the job! I can just work during the day, and ask around after my day of work.

The next morning, after sleeping on Blade’s boat, I was on the deck at 8am, ready to work on the beautiful yacht. The first day was mainly polishing. I also have lunch with the crew, which is really nice food!

The crew was really welcoming. Lachy, the captain, and Tazs, the first mate, really wanted me onboard because they had many work to do on the boat. So in the end, I end up staying 8 days working on the yacht.
I helped Stu, the chief engineer in different work: polishing, greasing, maintenance, cleaning, … the jobs were in fact really different and interesting. It allows me to discover life on a private yacht (which is really luxurious).

I had my accomodation paid in a nice hotel. and the food with my salary. So everything was more than perfect.
In the crew, there was also Adam the deckhand, Charlotte and Amy the stewardesses and Bekah the cook.

Stu is a nice boss and he tries to explain me at best everything. With the crew, we also often go to Leverick Bay to hang out in a nice bar just next to my hotel.

In addition, the owner of the yacht is a big fan a water sport. So I had the chance to try out jet surfing and kite surfing.

On my last day, there was a foiling competition. Tazs, Lachy and Adam from the crew were participating. So with a tender, we followed them to watch the race.

During these 8 days on the yacht, i continued asking for boars, but I didn’t find anything, mainly because I want to go downwind. So with the money I earned on the yacht, I decided to take a plane to the next island which is Saint-Martin.
On the next day, they brought me to the airport. The plane I took was actually really fun: a 20 seats plane, where you can access the cockpit from the back. You can actually talk to the pilots and see what they are doing!

A small hour later, I was there in Saint-Martin.

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  1. Vraiment luxueux !! Une île privée , waouh. il y a vraiment des très très riches sur cette terre.
    Il reste encore beaucoup de dégats de Irma plus d’un an après .

  2. Trop cool comme expérience ! Tu apprends plein de trucs différents pendant ce voyage, c’est super de lire les articles et vivre l’aventure par procuration 😀 bisous !

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