February 25 – March 1st, 2020
Day 504 – 509

After our trek in the valley of Cochamó, Mathilde and I are back in Chile. Next stop: the island of Chiloé which is the biggest island of Chile. 50km wide for 300km long, so pretty big.

To get there, we hitchhike a car that get into the ferry and to the island.

The country is also currently building to get to the island. It is gonna be the biggest bridge in South America.

Chiloé is a nice cute island. Not many people live there so it feels relaxing. They have a proverb here saying: in Chiloé, the one who try to go faster will loose his time.

They have cute houses which they cover with tiles of many colors and différents shapes. Being an island, many houses are built on stilts. They are called the Palafitos.

The island is also known for its churches. There are plenty on the island, and some of them are considered to be part of the UNESCO heritage.

We stay on the island for 4-5 days, discover it as much as we can. We visit the capital and the small cities around, mainly to see the churches, the architecture.

On the advice of one of my friend, we also go the beach of Cole-Cole. We started with a 15km hike on a huge beach. It is nice and the weather is also very nice.

Following a small hike in the forest, we then arrive to the beach of Cole-Cole. This place is quite known for all the backpackers. There was many people going there and back, foreigners but also locals.

We will spend a night here, camping in front of the beach and enjoying the beautiful sunset.

After these few days, we continue our journey more in the south. On this side of the island, the distance to the mainland is much bigger. And for this, we had to take a ferry.

This ferry will take us to Chaiten, at the beginning of the Carretera austral, where our journey will continue.

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