February 21 – 24, 2020
Day 500 – 503

Here come the zigzag again, we crossed again in Chile. But this time, we choose an interesting way to do it. As the closest pass where you can go by car was far away, we took another pass where you have to walk. No car, nothing. So we started a 4 days trek to reach our next destination.

This time, the trek was a bit special for us since we had to take enough food obviously, but also all our stuff. We were not going to go back, so we are carrying everything. Hard for the back!

This trek goes accross the Valley of Cochamo. Known in Chile and Argentina since it is supposed to be nice. So we went there to see how it is !

The trek is mainly walking under dense forests. sometimes we can see small lakes. Sometimes the trees changed a bit. But overall I will be honest, it is boring because you can’t see anything except trees.

We had once a viewpoint where we could see the neighbor volcano. But only once….

It is really a remotes trek so nobody is there we walked for 4 days and nearly saw nobody. We did some wild camping when we were tired, wake up pretty late to rest. So nothing too serious.

The trek was still a 60km trek in 4 days. Not too hard if it wasn’t for the excessive mud which was everywhere. Literally…. some parts were just so awful to get through. And ad you are walking in the mud, you can’t reslly enjoy the landscape as you are paying attention on where you walk.

The best part were covered with woodplanck to help us walk on it.

Arriving near Cochamó are the best landscapes. Here, the valley of Cochamó is called “the Yosemite of the south”… I don’t want to be mean, but for me either they are exaggerating, or either Yosemite is just that great.

The best part was at a small place called La junta, where we could see some waterfalls and natural toboggans. Nice right ?

And after 60km, we arrived again where the cars arrived. We raised our thumb again to continue our journey in Chile.

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