February 12 – 13, 2020
Day 491 – 492

Aftet the big cities of Santiago and Valparaiso, Mathilde and I will skip most of the north of Chile.

Basically, we have 1 month and a half to visit all Patagonia and then go back to Buenos Aires. So it is pretty short. We had to make choices. And we choose to skip the northern part to quickly go in the South where it is supposed to be better.

Here come a 900km of hitchhiking in Chile. First time for us hitchhiking there and the result is….

Chile is the BEST country to hitchhike in South America!! Really. We never wait for more than 30minutes, and usually less than 5 or 10min.

Even in a bad spot or when there is not much people, everybody stops: cars, trucks, half trucks, everybody!

So we will enjoy hitchhiking here.

We did these 900km in just 1 and a half day, where we arrived in Pucón.

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