February 14 – 15, 2020
Day 493 – 494

Pucón is like the “bassin d’Arcachon” of Chile. There is quite a lot of people during summer time. Chilean but also foreigners. You have the beach (with unfortunately a cold water) with view on a beautiful volcano, and lots of activities to do around.

You can see many tourists, restaurants, bars and a lot of houses to rent for tourists.

One of the main activity to do is to go hiking around. There are a few national parks. For us, we went to the Huerquehue national park for only one hike.

This hike took us in a sense forest to beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains.

In particular, I did this hike with Lucas, a friend from my University back in France.

He is one year younger than me so he left University one year later. And just like me, he started to travel. He began in Buenos Aires to go south to Ushuaia And he will go north to Colombia. Do basically what I have done, but the other way around.

We got the chance to exchange good advices 🙂

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