February 10 – 11, 2020
Day 489 – 490

Valparaiso is only 2 hours away from Santiago and we easily hitchhike there. Also there, Mathilde and I try for the first time in this trip to use CouchSurfing together. We are hosted by Leonard near the city itself. And during the day we go to the city center to visit.

Valparaiso is a nice city. Much more pretty than Santiago. In the city there are two parts: the flat space and the hills. There are a few nice to go and visit. And obviously this means you can have nice viewpoints on the city.

To get to these hills, you can either take the stairs (hard options) or take the elevators (easy option). There are a lot of them in town to get to the top of these hills. Local and tourists use them.

The other big thing about Valparaiso is its murals. Here is a very short selection of picture I took from the mural, but some neighborhood are literally covered of it.

On the bottom right, you can also see a new mural, talking about the crisis Chile is living right now with the manifestations between the police and the citizens.

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