April 27 – May 11, 2019
Day 200 –

From Santa Marta in the North-east and down to Bogota in the center of the country.

2 and a half day sailing from Aruba, and I can finally put an eye on the South American continent. After these 7 months sailing in the Carribean mostly, I am finally out of the small islands.

Colombia ahead!

The sailing is finished for a while, and here I am in Colombia!

Santa Marta

Me, Lisa and Sally are leaving Frank’s boat and we are back to hitchhiking. Santa Marta beeing a quite boring city, we are going to explore the area.

Our first stop is in Minca, a small village up the mountain. Hiking, wild camping and waterfalls. What a nice way to begin with South America!

We are then going to Palomino, again a small village next to the sea and a river. Over there, we join a small Rainbow gathering: a hippie meeting, full of travelers and interesting people. It is a peaceful place to relax and meditate, thinking of my future plans ahead.

Sally and Lisa, planning to stay in the North of the country, our paths diverge. Time fly, but it has already been two months that I will be traveling with Lisa.

Back to hitchhiking is hard, because Colombia is quite hardly hitchhikable. And if you stand under the hot sun, it is really exhausting. But with time, determination and patience, everything is possible.


3 days to hitchhike 500km… Hitchhiking is very slow and the distance are huge. I also broke my record with a 6 hours wait to get a ride.

As I said, hitchhiking is hard. But Colombian peple are so nice and welcoming. I got host the two night on he road. I reach the area of santander.

The most beautiful place in Santander is the Chicamocha Canyon. The second largest worldwide!

Just next to it is the city of San-Gil. The center of all activities. I visit the city of Barichara.

Again, I dont forgot to hike and visit the area.

After around two weeks in Colombia, I continue my road (hitchhiking obviously) to the south and the city of Bogota.

To be continued…

2 Replies to “First steps in South America: Colombia”

  1. Ah la la ça donne envie de voyager aussi tout ça ! Et trop cool que tu aies découvert les rainbow gathering, ça m’intéresse qu’on en discute à l’occasion d’un appel vidéo WhatsApp. Bisous !

  2. Je suis allée voir la définition de rainbow gathering ! pour comprendre . Il y a des photos magnifiques. C’est incroyable que tu les ai faites avec ton téléphone.

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