July 11 – July 12, 2019
Day 275 – 276

The more I hitchhike in Colombia, the more I like it. The fact that my Spanish is improving is probably a reason.

Thanks to my small backpack, it is also very to hitchhike anything I can find: cars, truck, motos, moto-carros …

The colombian are sometimes happier to take you that you to be taken. They are just happy to help somebody else! Because of thatm it happens quite often to hitchhike taxis or buses.

Very often they insist on inviting you to eat with them or to make you taste something typical from the area.

There are so many stories happening. When you hitchhike. More people should do it !

It also makes you pass some unexpected road, some very bad, some very good. And remember: When you are in the back of a truck, enjoy the 360° view 😉

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