July 13 – July 14, 2019
Day 277 – 278

San Andrés de Pisimbalà is a small village next to the archeological site of Tierradentro.

It is not very touristic, and I was actually nearly the only gringo when I was there. It is nice to get to know the locals.

Here, I visited ancient tombs, the main attraction from the area.

But for me, the best were the hikes and the view I had from the area: a mountain region with some farms.

I also another hike at La Piramide, from where you have a nice viewpoint. And you can also visit tunnels.

I also go to the market day in Inzá, a nearby village. It is actually a long time I haven’t been to a market like this. A small change of scenery ! And again, I was the only white there 🙂

I enjoy staying in these little village. I never stay very lng, but you can feel the special atmosphere. The locals are always a bit surprised to see you there and they are very curious about what you are doing there.

After this short moment in San Andres, I will head for the much bigger city of Cali.

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