July 15 – July 26, 2019
Day 279 – 290

I stay two weeks in Cali, doing another volunteering in a hostel: Kilele hostel.

The city of Cali is known for its party, and especially for its salsa. I end up doing some very nice party, in different beautiful places.

The fact that my hostel is a party hostel doesn’t help. With a swimming pool, we enjoy especially the pool party every Sunday.

The hostel is run by volunteers. The owner are nearly never there and we have to manage everything. The good thing about it is that the team of volunteers we have (7-8 people) was full of nice people, making it a nice atmosphere. I really enjoyed spending time in Cali.

The city itself is also nice, and going around town to enjoy a in the city center or go to a bakery in the neigbohood of San Antonio.

As always in colombian city, the nice viewpoint is from a moutain nearby. Cali is not of the list with the three cross hill.

I then have to leave Cali, and also Colombia because of my visa. So my next stop will be in Ecuador.

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