July 27 – July 28, 2019
Day 291 – 292

It take me two days to hitchhike from Cali to the border. As always, the people are really nice and it’s a pleasure to hitchhike.

Just before heading to Ecuador, there is one last place I needed to go: the sanctuary of Las Lajas, just at the border.

Many people go there as pilgrims, and the place at night change completely when they light up the sanctuary.

Finally after that, I am ready to go. I cross the border on the last day of my Visa, exactly 90 days after my entrance.

After 3 months in Colombia, I can say I really loved this country. With so many diversity in it’s landscape, everybody can find what he likes. And the local are just so friendly. That’s also why I stayed all my Visa at the end :p

Good bye Colombia 🇨🇴
Hello Ecuador 🇪🇨

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