May 12 – May 25, 2019
Day 215 –

Here I am in Bogota. These 5 days hitchhiking to get there from Santa Marta makes me realize how HUGE South America is. There is so many things to do, so many places to see, so many people to meet and so many cultures to discover.
It is probably gonna take mea a long time to see as much as I want, but I will take this time. By going slowly at my place, I will be sure not to have any regret.

First thing I realize when I arrive in Bogota: It is cold. The weather is probably similar to where I am from in the North of France. I did not know it could be like this in Colombia. But the obvious reason is that Bogota is 2,600 meters-high. Also, with the rainy season starting, there is quite a lot of rain.

In Bogota, I meet again with Raphael and Teresa: two travelers (from Germany) that were in the Martinique camp with me and all the others. As I can see everywhere, the Martinique camp allowed me to meet so many people. And since all of us share the same spirit, we are on the same page.

The city of Bogota is very big. 10 millions inhabitants, for 50 millions in all Colombia. The Candelaria is the city center, even though there is things to do anywhere in this big city.

It is good to come back in a big city after spending so many months on small islands. It feels like coming back a bit home.
I realize how big the city is, and I decide to stay here longer. But to find a way to stay longer without spending too much, I decide to volunteer in a hostel.

I find quite easily by asking around. I am working at the reception at Fatima suites hostel. The job is quite easy. I just have to stay at the desk and wait for people to ask me something, check-in or check-out.
This give me some time to do many stuff I wanted to do for a long time: sewing, use internet, sort my pictures, learning spanish …
My Spanish is actually improving a lot. I can connect with locals. I know more and more vocabulary.

I have to say the job is quite boring, there is not much to do. But I get free accommodation and free breakfast !

After reuniting and spending a few nights here, Raphael is leaving and heading to Ecuador. We plan to meet there again. As for Teresa, she is also doing a volontaring in an other hostel near by.

As a volunteer, it is easy to meet with other travelers to hang out. Also, there are many volunteers in Bogotá (In every hostel), so we had a nice group to enjoy the city.

Therefore, I live a city life. I buy groceries, find the good nice places around, visit the city for sure, but I also go to places further than just the center.

During the few nights out, I obviously join a salsa session. I am much worst than the local, for sure. But just watching them is beautiful. I will have to take some salsa lessons.

The Candelaria in Bogotá is especially full of beautiful graffitis.

My personal favorite places in Bogotá are Montseratte and Guadelupe. Two mountains just next to Bogota where you can hike up (or even drive up for the second one) to have a wonderful view from the city.

In the end, I spend a good time . After two weeks working, I think I saw everything I wanted in the city, and I decide to leave.

With Léa, one of Teresa’s friend, we decide to continue a bit together for a few days. We are not going far for now. We are gonna hitchhike to the east of the city where some beautiful landscape await us.

Ready to hitchhike

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