May 26 – May 29, 2019
Day 229 –

Léa and me are on the road. It is the first time Léa hitchhike in Colombia. She was afraid to hitchhike alone as a girl so here I am to help out to enjoy the wonder of hitchhiking in a foreign country.

We are heading to a ecological farm near the village of Choachi. Over there, Léa will volonter for a few weeks. And they offered to host me for a night or two since Léa and me are going there together.

Hitchhiking was quite easy this time. We are heading to a remote area. So smaller road with less passage = people are more likely to take you.


The farm is located in a wonderful area. The mountains are gorgeous (judge yourself by the pictures 😉 ).

Again, it very cold here. Even more than in Bogotá. I take out my warm clothes to stay warm, but it’s not always enough.

The two people running the farm are lovely. Lorenza and Victor, two young people passionate by what they do. They don’t want to do too much. Just enough to live.

Just next to their farm is La Chorrera: the highest waterfall in Colombia with 590 meters.

The hike to there is just amazing. And the waterfall is impressive. I have never seen that in my life.


After two nights at the farm, it is time to go and let them alone. I say goodbye to Léa, Lorenza and Victor and I am on the road alone again.

I go to the city of Guatavita, located just next to a lake

After an easy hitchhiking and a hard hiking (+600m to a 3150 meters-high mountain), I reach the top of Cerro Montecillo just next to the city and the lake of Guatavita. It is without saying that the view from there is astonishing.

With the altitude here, it gets harder and harder to breath when hiking. This is probably the higher I have been in my life. It is also a great training for the mountains I am planning to hike next 🙂

I sleep at the top of the mountain to enjoy the sunrise. A quite cold night, but worth it.

The next day, I slowly go down and back to Bogotá. I stay there just for a night because the day after, I leave with Teresa by hitchhiking in the direction of Medellín.

Let’s hope hitchhiking is gonna be great !

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