May 30 – June 2, 2019
Day 233 –

This time, it is Teresa and me who are going to hitchhike. Again, she doesn’t feel like hitchhiking alone as a girl in Colombia, so I am here to help.

The first day and the first car was amazing, we got to know a very nice Colombian couple, who also hosted us for one night. We also discover Guaduas, a cute little colonial village I probably never would have chosen to visit by myself.

The second day was exhausting and we had to wait a long time in a gaz station. Due to work on the highway, this gaz station which was supposed to be a good spot ended up being a dead-end. Nobody was going from there to Medellín…
3 hours…
4 hours… We begin to be tired of rejection
5 hours… The boredom is more and more here.
6 hours… The night is about to come. Usually in hitchhiking, night = end of the day, you will sleep here. We don’t want to…
7 hours… It’s hard to keep motivated. A dinner break makes the mood going up.
8 hours… We changed our plan and decide to go another way.
9 hours… We found ourselves with street sellers and beggars knocking on truck windows asking for a ride.
10 hours… After being rejected for what felt like a thousand times and almost giving up (I actually gave up, but Teresa didn’t… Team spirit) Manuel made our night and put a big smile on our faces by bringing us up the mountains to Manizales, 5 hours away.

We slept a few hours in the cold bus station before getting on the road again in the early morning.

Our last ride will take us through a long and very muddy road with a lot of holes and just as many curves but a very beautiful view, to our final destination, Jardín, Antioquía. 

We went from the cold in Bogota (km0)
To the warmth in Guaduas (km135)
To the cold in the mountains of Manizales (km370)
To the warmth of the village of Riosucio (km465)
Back to the cold of the mountain again (km495)
Finally to the temperate weather of Jardín (km545)
Colombia’s geography can be surprising ! So many temperature change in such a short time.

That’s what I love about hichthiking: you never know what you get, it’s just like a little surprise in each new car and you are directly in the daily life of (extra)ordinary people.

And in Colombia, you always switch between really nice rides and really long waitings. Hitchhiking in Colombia is quite hard, but when a car finally stop, you know it was all worth it to wait for it. Colombian people are so hospitable and welcoming.

I have never seen people so willing to open their door for you, whatever the circumstances.

Anyway, we made it at the end to Jardín, a small and cute colonial village in the mountain.

Over there, I sleep in a wild camping next to the river. Teresa will stay there for two weeks, working in a ecological farm.

As for me, I just visit the village for two days. It is so colourful and full of life. What amaze me especially are the local people, dressed with cowboy hat, riding horses. It looks like you are in a movie.

It is again time for goodbye between me and Teresa. But South America is “small”, and we will meet again. As for me, I hitch the road again for my next destination: Medellín.

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