June 3 – June 5, 2019
Day 237 –

From Jardín to Medellín, the hitchhike was easy. 5 minutes waiting, and two cars later I am in Medellín. Easy hitchhike, how I like them.

I cannot spend a long time in Medellín, because I have to be in another city a few days after where a job is waiting for me over there !

I mainly walk around town, also during one free walking tour. The city is nice but very different from Bogotá. First, there is no real city center, or if there is, it is much more wide.

The city being very wide, it is hard to see a lot of things in only a few days.

The real beauty of the city is indeed the subway/cable car. It is so modern and so much more beautiful than European subway. Eerybody use it in Medellín.

Not much to say about this city. So I just stay a few days before hitchhiking again to Guatapé, where a volunteering is waiting for me.

2 Replies to “A few days in Medellín”

  1. Trop cool de lire des articles réguliers sur ton voyage ! Je vois que ton anglais n’a rien à voir avec le départ il y a 9 mois environ, bravo tu deviens multilingue expert 😉 !! Continue de bien profiter, et si tu as internet et 15 min devant toi prochainement, ça me ferait plaisir un petit appel vidéo WhatsApp ! Bisous 😀

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