June 25 – June 27, 2019
Day 258 –

From Guatape, I managed to hitchhike very quickly to Salento. It seems that this region of Colombia is much more hitchhiking-friendly than the north or the east.
In particular, halfway, I stopped near a police control. When they saw me hitchhiking, they called me and propose me to just sit down while they would stop by the cars and trucks and ask them where they are going. I didn’t even had to do anything :p

I was in Salento in less than 24h. Salento is a nice cute town, but very very touristic. Everybody comes here for… The Cocora valley which is a valley full of very big Palm trees.

The thing is, when you pay attention, ask around and look on internet, you can figure out that there is another Palm trees valley, the Ceja valley, which is much bigger, much better but it’s harder to get there.

It is much less touristic. And that’s why I am heading there. Going off the beaten track is my speciality.

The road to go there is hitchhikable. But with only one car every 2-3 hours, I ended up walking 20km to get there. But it was totally worth it.

Hundreds of thousands of Palm trees. This gives an impressive scenery. From the bottom as well, the palm trees seems huge.

In a way, it is nice that this valley is not very touristic. If you are willing enough to go, you are rewarded with this place for you alone!

Back to Salento the next day, I meet my polish friends with who I am suppose to hike the Los Nevados National Park. Unfortunately, they change there plan and there are heading to Bogota. Well, it is sad but that is the rule of travelling. I am them gonna hike alone.

I spend the rest of the day buying food, preparing my route and gathering information about the park.

To go to Los Nevados National Park, the first step is to pass through… The Cocora Valley. And as I said, this valley is nice, but so much more disappointing compared to the bigger one.

At least I have seen both and I can praise everybody not to go to the touristic one.

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