July 2nd – July 5, 2019
Day 266 – 269

The next destination is the Desierto de Tatacoa. I reached it by hitchhiking very easily. Hitchhiking in this part of Colombia is definitely much easier.

The desert is a very big area, but at two “small” places, there are beautiful geological formations, which are the places worth seeing.

The red desert is the first stop.

I spend the night there in the desert, observing the beautiful sky.

The next day, there was just a small walk to make under the very hot sun (I hitchhiked actually).

The grey desert is my second stop.

It is a very nice place, but I didn’t stayed long there.

2 Replies to “El Desierto de Tatacoa”

  1. Je me demande comment tu as réussi à accrocher ton hamac. Ces paysages me rappellent vraiment l’Ouest américain : désert rouge puis gris. C’est magnifique.

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