December 9 – December 13, 2018
Day 61 -Day 65

After 5 days walking, hiking, partying, … we were pretty tired. So we decided it was a good idea to make a “beach day” to rest and swim. Varadero seemed to be the perfect place for this: 20km of beach.

We arrive there at night, enjoy the Beatles bar. We then go to the beach for the night. We even get a longchair!

Unfortunately for us, we choose the wrong day: it begans to rain… a lot… so we still try to enjoy the beach. But you can imagine it’s hard.

I also go to the marina to look for a boat to leave the island, after the departure of Jean. There is only one boat on that marina, which is supposed to be a big one in Cuba..

The place is also full of private bar, private resort, private beaches. Not the kind of thing we like.. anyway, we decide to leave the city during the day to go more to the east, at Trinidad!


By pure coincidence, we met Chloé, who is a friend Jean met back in Luxembourg. We took the same bus to Trinidad and we are also gonna spend 4 days in Trinidad with her.

We go to our hostal (a mix of casa particulares and hostel), and we meet some other people over there. We take some drinks and enjoy the nightlife of Trinidad at the casa de la cerveza and the casa de la musica.

The next day, we visit the city of Trinidad. A bit bigger than Viñales, but it is quite a small town. We like it. It is nice, quiet and at least here you can hear music in the street.

We take a small hike to enjoy a view of the city from higher. We end up having salsa lesson at the top by the guard from the communication tower. Unexpected!

Since we are in december, and christmas is getting closer, our parents and grand parenta wanted to offer us something. So we booked a catamaran excuraion to Cayo Blanco, a small island with Iguana, with snorkeling and an open bar at the end.

In the same way, we do a horse excursion to a waterfall where we can chill out and swim. Also, quite unexpectedly, Tomas and scotty from Viñales were also there at the waterfall!

The last night in Trinidad was like the “end of trip party”. We met again with some people we met in viñales, some from La Habana also. Everybody was leaving in the next days. So, all together, we go out to a nightclub called la cueva, which is basically a nightclub in a cave. Pretty impressive and unique.

After this realy mice night out, it’s time to say good bye to all the friend we made here in Cuba. And for me, it is tome to say goodbye to Jean, who is going back to La Habana to fly back to France.

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