December 26, 2018 – January 3, 2019
Day 78 -Day 86

I start my Dominican Republic tour by going to the city of Santiago. It is like a “going back to civilization” as the country looks much more like I am used to: shopping mall, Mac Donald, KFC, dominos pizza. I am getting more into my comfort zone. Also, the country has much more money than Haïti, mostly with tourism.

Santiago is a nice city, to discover a first time during the day and a second time during the night to appreciate the city with all the light and the atmosphere.

In Santiago, I am hosted by Ysra with the help of CouchSurfing.

After Santiago, I leave the city by hitchhiking, which can work pretty good here in Dominican Republic.

Thanks to my driver, I can make a short stop in Boca Chica, the playa! But for me, its more because there is a marina with boats for me to ask for a lift.

No boat found, but it is only my first marina and my first try so no hard feeling. I decide to go then to the capital Santo Domingo where a really nice surprise await me. Let me explain from the beginning.

5 years ago, my family hosted a Venezuelan girl, Yessica, for 3 months for an exchange program. She was in our family and doing everything we would do as a member of a French family.

Since I probably want to go to Venezuela after, I contacted her to have some advices, tips, etc… I haven’t really spoke to her in 5 years. And after contacting her, she just told me she is actually in… Dominican Republic! With her parents and family in holiday! What a nice surprise.

They are staying there until the 10th of January. As for me, I am staying with until I found a boat to leave the island, and I will probably spend new years´s eve with them! Being with the host family has also some practical advantages: I can be host at the hotel, with hot shower, laundry and breakfast. They also rented a car. A nice occasion for me to rest a bit while waiting for my boat.

On the next day, and with all the family, we go to discover the colonial area of the city which is the main touristic area.

We then spend new year’s eve together in a nice hotel in town. The family is all here, and her brother and aunt also arrived the day before.

After all this time, they were moving to another hotel. It was time for me to move on and continue my journey. I go more to the ast, going from one marina to another, looking for a boat.

After arriving in Punta Cana, the easternmost marina, I finally found my boat, hopefully for me because it was the last marina. I am then sailing to Puerto Rico and after to the british virgin island with two american guys: Scott and Logan. The boat is called the Plan B.

The Plan B

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  1. Pas mal le plan B !
    Quel plaisir de revoir yessica et sa famille. Tu n’as mis les photos et vidéos de tes cours de danse avec yessica et sa mère !!

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