August 19 – August 20, 2019
Day 314 – 315

For this “Amazon adventure”, we booked a tour in a company in Baños. We succeed to find good prices, but still with an authentic experience.

Day 1

The first day was kind of the “touristic day”. We were with other people in the mini van from Baños, and these people were there for only one day.

Where we go is the secondary forest. So deep enough to have an overview of the jungle, but close enough to have nice infrastructure and connections.

We start with a small ride in canoe along the river.

Even close to the road, it is still an interesting feeling because you feel in the middle of nowhere.

We then have time to go a small point of view on the jungle and the river Pastaza.

Accompanied with a guide, we take a small hike in the forest to a nearby waterfall. On the way, he showed us some interesting trees and medicinal plants. We finish with a nice typical lunch.

We go then to a community called the Kotococha. Over there, the kids from the community come to draw some painting on our face (suposingly meaning something important for them). We try to use a sarbacane, get to see a traditional danse and finally, the kids shown us their inusual pets.

At this time, you can see the kids are used to tourists. They are dressed in traditional clothe. They know what to expect from us (some coin or some food). But they are very cute.

After that, the group we came with is going back to Baños, while we stay here for the night. This was when thing started to get more authentic.

Our new guide Julian, chef of the Ukuy Wasi community, brought us to his village. We discover our beds for the night and the place he leaves.

In his community, he leaves with his family. Over there, people are not wearing fancy traditional costumes, but just normal clothes.

We really felt it was an authentic experience, because we were living with then. We spoke to them, saw them cooking, eat with them.

Here as well they have very unusual pets.

When I got dark, we took a walk with Julian in the forest. He showed us how the Amazon looks at night, and we were able to spot some insects, toads and spiders.

Day 2

With an early start, we take breakfast with Julian family before going for a 3-4h hike in the jungle. Again, our guide Julian explained us about the forest. We spend most of the hike under the rain and end up completely soaked :p but we reach a nice waterfall. Completely worth it !

Exhausted after this morning, we have a more relax after-noon. We first get to see the giant fishes of this place. 2-3m fishes and around 100-200kg. Very impressive.

Pretty big fish

We go then to a Cacao farm. We have a overview of the process to make Cacao from the cocoa beans. We can even make it ourself ! We finish this little tour by. Going home with our home made Cacao.

This marked the end of our Amazon tour with our guide Julian. In extension of having found a very cheap price, it allowed us to discover the life of this family. Between tradition of the community and modernism, this was a great way to experience the Amazon forest.

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  1. Julian nous a fait nager en maillot de bains avec nos bottes pour rejoindre la cascade. Merci François de ne pas avoir intégré ces photos de nous en maillot et bottes.

    C’était vraiment intéressant de voir comment ils vivent entre tradition (cuisine au feu de bois, mode de vie très simple, habits traditionnels pour leurs fêtes…) et modernité (lien avec les touristes, téléphone portable, habits modernes )

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