August 17 – August 18, 2019
Day 312 – 313

From Cuenca to Baños, It is quite a long ride. So me and my parents are stopping on the way at Ingapirca, the largest Inca site in Ecuador (even though it is not that big).
You learn a bit about the Inca civilization here in Ecuador by visiting the site.

We arrive then in Baños. The city is very nice. There is a lot of restaurants form all over the world: French, Colombian, Venezuelan, Greek, Italien, Indien, ..
I have never seen so many type of food in the same place !
Here we try the famous dish from Ecuador: the “Cuy” or Guinea pig.

The city just have a nice atmosphere and it is very pleasant to hang out and take a walk in the streets.

The next day we go to La ruta de las cascadas, a road with many waterfalls (surprisingly).

For this, we leave the car in town and we decide to take the bus and… Hitchhike ! As my parents rented a car since we only had 10 days together, this is the time where we actually hitchhike together !

We go and see differents waterfalls as well as taking the nacelle. It is a good way to see the waterfalls from above !

The other main feature of the city are the thermal water. We spend a morning there, relaxing in hot water. Someone, just relaxing is nice, because we didn’t rest a lot in these 10 days together.

From Baños, we also booked a tour in the Amazonia forest to discover this area. 2 days is short, but it is gonna give us a good overview.

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