August 23 – August 26, 2019
Day 318 – 321

After the leaving of my parents, I continue to travel alone. My stay in Ecuador is nearly finished since I have seen nearly everything I wanted. But there is one last thing I needed to see: The Chimborazo.

This is the highest peak in Ecuador, and also the highest mountain in the world, from the center of the planet. Or the closest to the stars and the sun.

I initially wanted to climb the Chimborazo to the summit. But when I heard about the prices they made (300-350$/pers), I gave up the idea. But I still wanted to see it. So I will go to climb it to the glacier. I took a few days in Latacunga planning this, resting, gathering informations and buying food.

I hitchhike there in the evening to be ready for the next day. I slept in my tent at 4400m (which is very useful for the cold). I ended up spending quite a good night with a wonderful view of the Chimborazo.

The next day, I start at the first hour. With a quick hitchhike to the parking lot (4800m), I start hiking.

The hike to the refuge (5000m) and then to the lagoon (5100m) is very easy. Not to steep and without wind.

And this is when it got harder. The path became more and more ste, which makes each step harder I put my crampons on, which helps. Past 5200m, I could really feel the lack of oxygen. Every step requires me 2 breathings.

After hiking/climbing for several hours, I reach 5500m. The altitude sickness takes me over and I decide not to continue more up. There is still a 150-200m ascent to the glacier, and I am not ready for it. But the view from there is beautiful.

I was lucky enough to be there in a perfect day ! No clouds at all ! I could have a perfect view from the all area.

After a lunch up there and some rest, I start heading back down. Still quite tricky because it is steep. But much easier doing down.

Even if I decide not to go to the summit, it was definitely worth it. Beautiful landscape, no clouds and a very nice hike where I had to take in me for every more step.

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