August 1st – August 5, 2019
Day 296 – 300

I go on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, from the north in Esmeralda, to the South in Guayaquil.

I don’t spend much time to every place, because I am kind of on a schedule, but it gives me a nice overview at least.

I stop for example in Mompiche, where I spend the night on my beautiful private beach :p

Hitchhiking works very nicely here in Ecuador. I also try to hitchhike at night, successfully.

The reason I go a bit fast is because I go to meet a friend in the village of Montañita. This friend is somebody I met 4 years ago, while studying in the US. And we haven’t seen each other since. He is from Ecuador in Guayaquil, so we agreed to meet in Montañita, a small village famous for its surfing and… its party !


The people didn’t lied when they said Montañita is THE backpacker party place. The all village is made for it: bars, club, restaurants.

The village change completely at night to become a big night club. Locals and travelers come here to enjoy the night, and it gets particularly crowded during the week-end.

The most funny place to go at night is the cocktail street. No need to explain you why.

No need to say we enjoyed a few good nights here. Partying at night but still doing some stuff during the day.

Parque Machalilla

The Parque Machalilla is the only national park of ecuador on the coast. It feature a few nice places to go.

With Daniel, we go to Puerto López where we go to take a boat tour to watch the whales.

From July to September, the whales migrates from Antártica to the Pacific coast around South America. A big part comes to Ecuador and you can take a boat tour to watch them.

It is not the first time I see whales, but this time it is much closer, much longer and the whale are also bigger.

We then decide to go to Guayaquil, where my friend lives. He offered to host me at his parents house. So we hitchhike in that way (it is actually the first time that my friend is hitchhiking. I have the pleasure to show him how easy and safe it is)

I also so spend my 300th day travelling. Nearly a year ! Time is passing fast!

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