August 15, 2019
Day 310

With my parents here in Ecuador, I though one must-do is to hike in very high altitude.
And the Cotopaxi seemed to be the easiest one to access.

We drive to the parking lot, at 4600m. Crazy to think you can access the parking so easily. Our objective together will be the refuge, at around 4850m.

It is a “short” hike of only 900m. But with the altitude and a 250m ascending elevation, it is not an easy one. I took us an hour to get there.

Exhausted, but happy, we can enjoy a hot beverage at 4864m.

For me, I decide to hike to the glacier to test my new mountain gear, with the idea of going climbing later. I go higher than last time with 5100 meters, thanks to my crampons.

I am ready for more higher mountains now. But I will keep that for later.

We can them more easily hike down to the car and drive to the South, much more South of Ecuador. Our next stop: Cuenca.

One Reply to “Volcano Cotopaxi”

  1. Quel équipement de montagne : des baskets Newfeel !!! 😉
    La randonnée a été dure pour nous : manque de souffle, froid . Dur dur 2 jours après la descente d’avion

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