August 27 – September 3rd, 2019
Day 322 – 329

I coma back from the Chimborazo, exhausted, and successfully hitchhike south to Guayaquil.
I end up spending one entire week in Guayaquil at doing… Nothing. I meet again with Daniel’s parents and some of his friends I made over there when I came 3 weeks ago.

I took a lot of time thinking. Thinking about the rest of my travel, thinking about what I wanted to do next, where, with who…
The fact that I was with my parents and that they left also made that I needed some time to think. It is these kind of time when you don’t have any energy, when you are sad and don’t feel like moving.

The main question was whether or not I wanted to cross the Pacific to Asia. The crossing woulg only be from February, but you need to plan a bit ahead (even though planning is not my thing).

My next step was to go to Peru. But My first decision was that I will go to Peru by passing through the Amazon, on the Napo River, instead on just going south by the road.

I also take the time to look up online on advices about there. I search if it’s hitchhikable or not, …
Apparently, nobody never hitchhiked the Napo River (or at least they didn’t wrote about it online). But if course, this doesn’t slow me down, and I decided to discover this on my own !

After a week, and full rested, I take the road again and hitchhike the other way to the North. It is good to be back on the road.

Between other cars, I hitchhike a fireman car, going at 120km on road limited to 80, using the siren even though they firemen were not in intervention.
I also hitchhike a truck with who I could watch how Ecuadorian people were loading chickens in trucks.

A dozen of cars, 2 days and 700km later, I was at Puerto Francisco de Orellana – more likely called El Coca. This is where my journey on the river will begin.

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