August 6 – August 9, 2019
Day 301 – 304

We arrive quite easily in Guayaquil. Apparently, hitchhiking with two people is not much more difficult than hitchhiking alone

Daniel, by leaving there, knows everything about Guayaquil. So I have my personal guide through the city.

The Iguana park, in the center of the city that feature many iguanas, just hanging out next to the tourists.

We go to El Cerro, a small hill from where you have a nice view. It is also a nice place to hang out at night. We will go out with his cousin in this neighborhood.

For 4 days, Daniel’s family will host me. It is a very nice experience that to be host in a local family to learn how they leave, discover local food and local advice.

As a good french guy, I make them discover a bit of my culture by cooking french crêpes.

We also go to the parque histórico. A very nice place to chill on a week-end, with a zoo, some architectural building anf folklore show and music.

Daniel’s family are very willing to makes me discover the local food. We go to eat crabs in a local restaurant.

Eating the local crab with Daniel and his family

I am so grateful to them to have host me and shown me around. Guayaquil would have been different without Daniel !

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