August 16, 2019
Day 311

My friends Daniel recommended me a lot this place. He said we had to go there while my parents where in Ecuador.

We drive to Cuenca, nearly only to go to this park, but none of us regretted it. It is one of the most beautiful place I’ve seen.

This national park is around 3700m and 4000m approximately (at least where we hiked). So again, we walked slowly and with many breaks.

The park itself contains a lot of smaller and bigger lagoons. More than 2000 lagoons are in the park.

We take a 4h hike in the park. And surprisingly, the landscape changes a lot !

From big lagunas to forest, to rivers and small waterfall. The vegetation as well is quite surprising

The waters here are incredibly blue and clear as well. These water supply the neighborhood cities in clear water, and we can see why !

So to recap: definitely worth it. There was a lot of other trails. Some which are much longer as well. But smy parents are only here for 10 days we don’t have time to do them, but we would have loved to!

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  1. Des paysages dignes des films le hobbit ou le seigneur des anneaux. Des paysages “splendioses” qui varient :lagunes, grottes, forêts,…

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