July 29 – July 31, 2019
Day 293 – 295

My first days in Ecuador bring me to Quito shortly. I don’t even take time to visit the city, I actually just go there to buy some near gear. First a tent, and also some equipment for the mountain. Ecuador seems to be the perfect place to hike in high mountain, and I plan to do this later on.

After that, I shortly stop for a day in Mindo: a small village known for its cloud forest. It is a nice place to relax, do some hikes, visit waterfall.

Also, the place is famous for its birdwatching. It is unfortunately a bit expensive for me, as with the tourism, you need to pay an entrance fee for everything you do. And I know how I hate this kind of places. But I still enjoyed what I could from the free activities, and the nature is still very pretty.

I try out my new tent that seems very nice, and enjoy sleeping next to the river in my hammock as well.

From what I can see after just a few days, Ecuatorian culture and colombian culture are quite similar, but you an still see some differences. I will discover more about it in the next few weeks I hope !

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