August 14, 2019
Day 309

The city of Otavalo, in the North of Ecuador is very known for its market. The main attraction is the animal market that takes place on the Saturday. Unfortunately for us, we cannot make it on a Saturday, but we chose the Wednesday, where there is also quite a lot of people.

Even though it feels that everybody is selling more or less the same stuff, it is beautiful to see the locals. Lots of them are wearing the traditional outfit.

For me and my parents, this is a nice place to find some artisanal products. And since my parents wants to bring some gifts home, this is the perfect place.

After the market, we do a short detour to the lagoons of Mojanda. Going there with a car makes everything much easier.

At the altitude of 3700m, it is the first time for my parents to be that high. Walking there is breathtaking, but by going slowly, everything is alright.

We hike a bit around the lagoon for a bit, before going down before it gets dark.

One Reply to “Otavalo”

  1. La première randonnée n’était qu’un aperçu de ce que François nous avait préparé pour les jours suivants …

    Je ne sais pas pourquoi en espagnol ils appellent cela des “laguna” : lagune ou lagon en français.
    En français, on parlerait de lac de montagne car l’eau n’était pas salée.

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