August 10 – August 13, 2019
Day 305 – 308

Hitchhiking from Guayaquil to Quito could not have been easier. It took me 2 cars and 9 hours to get to Quito (normal route takes 8 hours).

From the United states (when I was studying there), I met Daniel but also other people from Ecuador. Another one of my Ecuadorian friend was Périclès, which I met in Quito. Again, we didnt see each other in 4 years.

He generously host me at his brother’s house in Quito. Knowing well the city and the country, he show me around in Quito, and we go for example at the top of the basilic for a wonderful view of the city.

He made sure I tried a lot of national dishes, so we went around to try ecuadorian food.

On the 12th of August, my parents from France came to visit me in Ecuador. It is such a great feeling to see them again, after 10 months !

They will stay 10 days in Ecuador, and I have planned a little program for where to go. So we start in Quito.

They decided to rent a car (which I will hitchhike then :p). It is so strange to be with them, but it is a very great news to chear you up !

We visit for a day the historical center of Quito.

We begin the acclimatation of the altitude with a “hike” to the top of the Panecillo (a hill) for another good view from Quito.

2 Replies to “Quito”

  1. Coucou ! C’est trop cool que tu retrouves au fur et à mesure tout plein de personnes que tu as rencontré dans ta vie ! Trop bien aussi les retrouvailles avec les parents, on voit bien sur la photo que vous êtes heureux 🙂 Continue bien et on se skype à l’occasion dans les prochaines semaines quand ça se fait ! Je reprends le boulot à Lyon demain pour ma part. Plein de bisous cousin !
    PS : tout ça me donne bien envie de venir te rejoindre pendant des prochaines vacances pour vivre ton aventure et te voir 🙂

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