Again, no place for the night. this time, I innovate by climbing to reach (in total legality) the natural reserve where I had the chance to appreciate the view from the night. yes, normally it closed at 22:00.

On the next day, I had one objective, find a boat that would lead me to… I don’t care. Somewhere ! Morocco, The Canary Islands or even directly across Atlantic why not ?

I start to go to the marina in the ocean village. Over there, there is around 30-40 sailboat. Some small ones, some big ones ! I go directly to the marine information center. The guy tells me that the boat goes anywhere in the world and that I have all my chances.

First demand: the captain is nice but he is not going anywhere soon. He still says I have all my chances. 2nd time aomebods told me that, great !!

Second demand: I see a boat that just arrive in the marina. He is full of 30-35 years old people. They seem fun, let’s go !

I speak to 3 members of the crew. They are leaving the boat here and the boat will be nearly empty, except for the captain and his girlfriend. They are heading to the Canary island. That would be great for me !

They are gonna clean the boat so he advices me to come back in an hour to meet the captain.

I spent the last hour learning everything I could about sailing. I repeated the speech in my head a million time. Them it’s finally time to go back to meet the captain.

Tobias is enjoying what I’m saying. He seems not to care that I don’t have a lot of experience in sailing. Then he says:

– Depending on the wind we will leave tonight or tomorrow.

– Does that means I can come with you ?

– Yes !

So much joy in me. In less than one hour, I found a boat that goes directly to the Canary Islands !

However, the trip is not cheap, mostly because the couple is renting the boat for a few weeks, so that come into the final price for the crew members. It’s 50€ per day, and we have around 5 days to reach the islands.

But this is hitchhiking boats, it does not have the same rules as hitchhiking cars. And the crew seems really nice. I’m in !

The departure is planned the morning just after, and here we go for 5 days on the sea to the Canary island.

The lagoon 500, my new home

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