March 18 – April 16, 2019
Day 160 – 189

Grenada, the “Island of Spice”. A very friendly island.

4 types of people live there: the original locals, the foreigners that moved in, the sailors that live on their boat and the American students. Grenada hold a big med and a vet University, be many Americans go there for 3-4 years. The good thing though, is that everybody is getting along well which each other.

Even if it is a small island, many things are going on. You can always find something to do for the day to hang out, or for the night to party.

In addition, I can say that from all the country I have hitchhiked in (more than 40), Grenada is the easiest so far to hitch a ride. Not bad!

Lisa and me are going on shore. With a change of plan from our captain Andrew, it is set that they will continue together with TJ, and we stay here, again to try to find a boat for us.

Really luckily, we met Rob and Ryan. These guys bought a boat but they don’t plan to live on it for quite a while. They met us, and proposed us to stay on it for free. So, during all our stay here in Grenada, we are located on the Ítaca, just in the marina of Prickly Bay.

So first we don’t need a dinghy because we are in the marina, then we have the boat just for us (perfect to leave our stuff) and finally, it is located in prickly Bay, one big Bay where every sailors go.

The bar over there is also very welcoming: plugs, internet connection and some daily activities. Between yoga, bingo night, trivia night, movie night, …

We meet Andrew, a med student which bring us to the young student parties. We also meet Mattia’s, an Italian living on his boat. For him, he show us the good place where all the sailors hang out and introduce us to his friends.

After just planning to stay a week here, we end up stay here for a month ! But we didn’t saw this month passing.

We for sure take some time to tell everybody that we are looking for a boat. When we are bored with that, we take some time to enjoy this beautiful island: waterfall and hiking mostly.

After three weeks, Yoanna arrived in Grenada. She is a German girl Lisa and I met in the camp in Martinique. On the Ítaca, se recreated a new kind of camp, but this time in Grenada!

During a trip to the north the three of us, we go to the sulphur springs, an abandoned airport and to other hikes.

It would be impossible to recap everyone we met here. But it was always good times, a lot of fun and a lot of laugh.

I celebrate the 6-month anniversary of my trip her run Grenada. Funny enough, I celebrate it in a Brewerie that serve Belgian beer. Finally I can drink some good beer again !

At the end we found on internet a boat going to Colombia. The captain Frank from the Ireland is ready to take us. So after one month here, we say a sad good bye to our friend and head on the boat to Colombia. On the way, we will stop in Aruba, our next destination.

Here is the boat Jemima, and the crew on the last day on Grenada.

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  1. Salut cousin !
    Ça fait toujours autant plaisir de suivre tes aventures. 6 mois pour toutes ces îles, à ce rythme on te revoit pas pendant quelques années ahah profite bien en tous cas, bonne découverte de l’Amérique de Sud, tout un nouveau continent ! Plein de bisous et on se Skype / WhatsApp à l’occasion ! 😀

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