December 21 – December 25, 2018
Day 73 -Day 77

I entered this country without knowing anything about it. I just heard of it on the TV with the climate disaster. I had no apprehension at all about what I was going to find there. And I can say it was a shock.

Here, the city are not… like our city. There is real center as I though I would found. The center is where there is more people selling goods in the street (even though people are selling goods EVERYWHERE).

I would say that being a tourist there is boring, cause there is nothing much to see. There is obviously luxury hotel for those who want, and you can still visit mainly the palace and the fortress Sans-Soucis. I have been there and indeed, it is beautiful. Maybe one of the best view I have ever seen.

Appart from that, there is nothing much to visit. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t say that the country is boring, I only say that for visiting as a tourist, I really don’t recommend it. At least the European tourist point of view.

But where you are a traveler and you are ready to go deeper in the culture and with the locals, there is much more than just places to visit. There is the people and the culture. And for that, there is a lot to discover!

The shops, their colorful sign and their names related to religion. The constant music you can hear in the street everywhere and all the time (you get used to it).

People are poor in Haïti, you can see it pretty quickly. But they will welcome you with everything they have. In 4 nights there, I found accomodations at 4 different places.

by being hosted by locals, I had to put aside my comfort and be ready to find anything. Usually no electricity or no running water. They usually have a water well to use water. So you can guess it was cold water for a week (hopefully the weather is much better here)

By being white, you often get called in the street “Hey! Blanc!”. It sound quite racist at first but they mostly say it in a friendly way. They will do anything they can to help you.
For those you told me before that Haïti  was dangerous, I felt that the danger here is that it is sometime hard to make somebody understand that you don’t need help :p

I also spent Christmas there. I didn’t do something really special or really fancy, but it was nice to see everybody in the street, talking to each other and spending a good time together.

I then left on the next day in the direction of Dominican Republic, which gave me a nice story to tell.

Arriving at the border around 4pm, I have the surprise to discover that the border is closed… Because its too late. After asking the locals, they tell me the way to go is by the river (with my feet in the water).

The “Border” I had to cross

I have to hide my surprise. Is it really legal ? Will I have any problem ? Because I have a via, I am allowed to go by the border, why should I pass by the river ? And after crossing the river by foot, the locals where right: it is legal. On the other side, a military guy check my passport and let me pass, without any deep check or stamp.

But I’m not gonna complain, I am in Dominican Republic now!

2 Replies to “Haïti”

  1. Très dépaysant.
    Sur la photo ” Hitchhiking all kind of vehicles ” on ne voit pas bien quel type de véhicule c’est …

  2. Je viens rattraper le temps en lisant tout plein d’articles d’un coup, et les photos d’Haïti sont vraiment magnifiques !! Gros bisous, continue bien. Et c’est marrant de te voir tout bronzé tout blond 😉

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