Hitchhiking spot spotted !

For that, no doubt: Hitchhiking.

The plane is the most polluting mode of transport. Good .. Everyone knows that. But that may be the problem! Everyone knows it, but nobody changes. It seems that, for the whole world, travel means pollution, that the plane is necessary to travel, that there is no other choice. That it is more than indispensable, it has become obligatory.

So, my main goal is to move fully hitchhiking (That’s what the name “The Thumb Tour” refers anyway?). With that, for sure, it’s zero emission. I still allow myself the right to use public transportation to go out of cities for example.

For crossing the oceans, I would love to find a sailboat that can make the crossing. But that will be according to what I would find. Hitchhiking is not only ecological, but it is also a way to travel slowly, and to be with locals: Perfect!



When I used to travel with a tent

Finding homestay accommodation every night would be my greatest happiness. I know it will not be possible, nor possible. But that will be what I will look for first. Otherwise, that will be the trouble, my sleeping bag and my hammock being my traveling home. I would allow myself a hostel in case of big tiredness, if it is several nights that I sleep outside for example. But I would leave that in case of last resort.




Dumpster diving done right

In line with my ecological journey, I will try to recover the unsold food from restaurants, bakery, supermarket. It would be really great to make the whole trip just like that. But I do not have enough experience to know if it’s feasible or not.


No ! My desire is to not plan and to leave room for the unknown. I have desires on some destinations (such as Africa, Southeast Asia or Greenland) but nothing planned. Planning allow something planned to fall apart. On the other hand, if you do not know where you are going, then all the paths will lead you there.

And then, if I can not join one of the country on my wishlist, I will have other opportunities.

My sign was quite vague


For me, discovering the world is not just about the number of countries I have visited or the number of kilometers traveled. It’s more than that. I can not pretend to have really seen the world without having discovered the people who populate it. If I’m just traveling to visit places, I could just stay in front of my computer and watch Google image. These images will be much more beautiful than mine! Places change, people too. For example, being welcomed into an Indian family, sharing a meal with them and trying to speak their language is not something you can live at home. For that, it is necessary to take risks and go to encounter the others.

I will try to live my trip this way: In contact with people and cultures.

An ecological farm in Slovenia

It will also be necessary to alternate the phases of roaming. It is indeed very exhausting and you have to rest regularly to feel good and available for others (especially if I’m being host. Sleeping until noon is not nice for example). For that, I would probably use “Workaway”. It’s a good way to be with locals, while being able to rest and stay ‘static’ at one place.

For those who do not know, Workaway is a website that offers to work (between 4-6h / day) in exchange for accommodation and food. The work can be really varied: manual work, education, weeding, … This will allow me to rest to leave more fresh than ever.


The departure is set on October 10, 2018, that’s the only thing which is sure. The duration will depend mainly on my progress, my desire, my tiredness or my desire to come back. But I have no imperative for the return. No “Oh damn, I can not stay longer, I have no time.” This is the only thing I would have in unlimited quantity: time (and my good mood too).

Ideally, my trip will last at least 1 year. But as I already said, I’ll arrive when I’ll get there!