November 27 – December 3, 2018
Day 49 -Day 55

After arriving in Martinique, the thing I need to do is to use my legs. After 3 weeks on the boat, I want to use them again! Hopefully for me, the island is full of nice hiking trails or waterfalls.

I let some space for Michal and his girlfriend. They are staying at a camping place. The first night, I sleep next to them, on a beach that has an abandoned ship on it.

With a map in my pocket, I’m not waiting long to enjoy the beauty of the island.

In particular, I did a 2 days hiking along the beaches on the southern side. This hike goes by the most beautiful beaches in Martinique. It is also very natural and you can nearly meet nobody for 2 days. To find a sleeping place, it is the best!

I climb some small mountains (around 400 meters) to enjoy the beautiful view from the top.

After these 2 days hiking, I also join back Michal and his girlfriend Asia. We spend the night with other friends of them from the camping place. Then, we also go together to hike to one waterfall.

Hitchhiking here is really really easy. Just need to raise your thumb and you dont wait more than 10 minutes. Sleeping outside is also so easy. There are beaches everywhere and nobody care. For my way of traveling, this island is very welcoming for me.

After that moment, my phone had the great idea of letting me down. It just stopped working. So after that, I missed a few thing to take picture of. But in short: I went to Les-trois-ilets, a small city where I joined an outside movie night. I was host by Christian at his place. And I did (again) another hiking near Fort-de-France, with a nice view from the capital.

I spent around 5 days hanging around in the island before the arrival of… my brother! For his 2 weeks of holidays, he decided to join me. So together, we are going to stay a bit in Martinique before going to Cuba.

He has never hitchhiked in his life, so I’m basically teaching him how to do it and how to do “backpacking travel”. I also try to show him how I usually do on my own: to eat, to sleep (outside or with a host), to move, etc….

Together, we did a 6 hours long hike in the north, in the middle of the “jungle” (I would. call it like that, but locals just call it forest).

We also go to the capital Fort-de-France to visit the city a bit.

Just after that, we took the direction of the airport to Cuba.
Why the airport you will probably ask ? I should hitchhike no ?
Well, let me explain you. By only having two weeks of holiday, my brother doesn’t have much time. In addition, he really wanted to visit Cuba. But hitchhiking to cuba by boat in two is just too short.

So we find a agreement. We go to Cuba by plane. But for me, in order to complete the world tour fully hitchhiked, I will return to Martinique afterward. It’s a good way to live something together as brothers, while still working for The Thumb Tour project.

So we head to the airport. We also have a one night stop in Guadeloupe. We sleep in the airport.

So, as you can see Martinique, it is just just a short good bye, I will return soon.

Now hello to Cuba!

3 Replies to “Martinique”

  1. Quels beaux paysages !
    De beaux spots pour dormir avec une vue à couper le souffle.
    Cela ressemble beaucoup à la Guadeloupe. Les cascades, les crabes–> je me souviens d’un repas dans une paillote les pieds dans l’eau. Il y avait des crabes et on levait les pieds pour éviter de se faire pincer.
    La forêt avec la boue : cela rappelle un souvenir mémorable d’une randonnée vers la cascade des écrevisses où nous étions arrivés plein de boue.

  2. Hello cousin, trop cool le nouvel article ! Jean nous a fait un récit de voyage avec diaporama photos en famille, c’était bien cool aussi. Gros bisous et continue bien ton périple. Et bonne année ! 😀

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