December 12 – December 16, 2019
Day 429 – 433

After our last trek of Ausangate and after visiting the ruins of Waqrapukara, I had done everything I wanted in Peru. I am here for more than 3 months already (I even had to extend my visa for that), so it was time for me to leave the country.

The next country is Bolivia. With a small detour, Mathilde and I went to Arequipa, the second biggest city of Peru.

Arequipa’s downtown is pretty nice. I don’t end up doing much in the city, as I am still resting for the many trekking day my body has suffered.

The city is dominated by two huge volcanos: The Misti at 5,822m and the Chachani at 6,057m. Both are non-technical climb to do. We hesitated to do it, but decided not to as our body needed to rest.

After two days in Arequipa, we took back the road of hitchhiking and took our last ride in Peru. By hitchhking east to Bolivia, we hit the Altiplano: a high plateau extending from The Titicaca Lake all the way to Chili.

This makes a very diffrent landscape from usuall. Even by being at around 3,800m, everything is flat.

We reach the Titicaca lake and the city of Puno where we just spend one night in between two hitchhiking sessions. The next day, we are on the road again and we go along the Titicaca Lake, leaving the peruvian side to finally enter Bolivia.

I would have been 102 days in Peru. This was a pleasure to discover such a beautiful and diverse country, also having delicious food. A country of trekking for me for sure. But also a country of culture and history.

So let’s move, and let¡s discover this new country of Bolivia.

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