October 26 – 27, 2019
Day 382 – 383

After this last 10 days spent on the coast of Peru (Lima, Paracas, Huacachina, …), it is time to go more south and back to the mountain.

The next destination is Cusco, more than 800km away.

With Mathilde, we start hitchhiking in that direction. In Peru, due to the lack of private cars, we are often taken by trucks. We have then some very long ride, as the trucks are going slowly. But the good point is that the view from outside is very nice.

We travel though the desert of the coast of Peru along the Panamerica. The road is actually pretty good and people travelling on it usually go far, which allows us to do these 800km in only 5 vehicles.

Thé landscape then change slowly as we arrive into the mountain area.

This part of hitchhiking included some funny stories. First, we have been picked up by a police car. We also have been picked up by a female driver alone. First time it ever happen to me in South America.

And our last ride took us for the last 500km. Mario and his truck took us one hour on one day. We slept on the road to begin with him again the next day for 16 more hours.

I also got the chance to spend a part of this ride on the back of the truck. Perfect for a 360° view !

And after 3 days hitchhiking, we managed to reach Cusco where we will rest a bit and acclimatize before going trekking.

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