October 24 – 25, 2019
Day 380 – 381

Mathilde, Aurora and me are hitchhiking again. We are going again to an oasis. But this time, it is a much more touristic destination: Huacachina.

Huacachina is Located just next to the city of Ica. But even by being close, you feel like being in the middle of nowhere.

We arrive for the first night and we camp on the dune in the desert. We enjoy the sunrise in the morning and the emptiness of the desert.

The next morning, when everybody wakes up, it is much less quiet. The small Oasis is a main destination for backpacker. And one main touristic activity is the buggy tour. So imagine more than 50 buggies, very very loud. So it breaks a bit the quietness of this place.

For the sunset, I climb the nearby dune. Even though it doesn’t seems that high, the climbing is really exhausting. What a pleasure to walk on sand!

It at the end, the reward of the view makes it worth it. You can enjoy a 360° view. On side is the long and empty desert. The other side is the big and busy town of Ica. The contrast is interesting.

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