October 7 – 15, 2019
Day 363 – 371

Back in Huaraz after this long trek, I take some time to rest and relax. I change my hostel to stay with the group I have done the Santa Cruz with.

We basically enjoy the life in Huaraz. We organize some nice dinner where everybody make some food from his country.

One day, we go out to do some climbing. First the climbing was nice, but the view from the nearby snow-capped mountain while climbing was gorgeous.

Rima Rima

With Aurora, Mehran and Txaber, we organize a two-days hike to a nearby mountain called the Rima Rima.

It is a beautiful but challenging hike that started at 3700m. There was basically no cleared path to go there, so we had to find our own route.

We all together made it to 4900m. At that point, reaching the top will ask us… to climb. It was a easy and not exposed climb (we didn’t even used the rope we took), but when you are at more than 5000m, every move takes your breath away!

The last 200m were a breathtaking climbing. But Txaber and I made it to the top at 5248m.

No time to rest too much, because it is getting late, and the 1650 meters we climbed up, we need to climb them down as well.

We make it just for sunset, which also gives us a beautiful panorama.

I end up spending a week more in Huaraz, which would be a total of 3 weeks in total. But totally worth it. The people I met and the group we created was so nice. I missed the time of meeting these types of travelers. The ones that traveled like I like to do. And meeting them was very important for me.

And it was such good moments. If I had more time, we would probably had stayed longer to do another trek, like the Huayhuash (the other very famous from the region).

But no worries, because traveling in south America as we do, we planned to meet again for some more trekking in the south of Peru, and maybe more…

But a new business is waiting for me in Lima, so I am heading there!

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